Viet Minh Project

Vietnam is one of the two countries with the largest area of Melaleuca forests in the world. Various types of Melaleuca producing essential oils are mainly distributed in the hot and dry climates of the Central, from Quang Binh and Thua Thien Hue to Long An, Dong Thap…

Melaleuca trees grow well in dry areas, coastal sandy and low-lying soils, thus they are widely used in ecological protection. Besides the ability to regulate climate, water protection, Melaleuca forests also help to effectively prevent the phenomenon of sand flying, sand moving, erosion, and saltwater intrusion. Since 2008, melaleuca species producing oil has been introduced into Vietnam and grown for the purpose of exploiting economic value. Melaleuca leaves and branches are exploited to distill essential oils, bringing high income to farmers.

Maarten van Walsem

Assistant to Vietnam – The Netherlands trade meeting in April 2019. Presentation to Viet Herb Association in Hanoi.

Worked together with Vien Minh:

  • Business consultancy
  • Vision – Mission
  • Restructuring organization
  • Herbal Collection and Production Quality Management
  • Laboratory design

Trade Vietnam – The Netherlands